We are able to recommend suitable schools and manage schools’ applications, from the initial visits to accepting a place. This can be particularly helpful if the family is either re-locating to London or not resident in the U.K. We advise on entrance tests and, if required, are able to provide teaching materials and either online or face to face tutoring to prepare for these.

To understand what is best for the pupil or student, there is an initial face to face meeting. We review academic progress and then make recommendations about which schools would be most suitable. We also advise on different academic options such as A Levels and the International Baccalaureate. It is also important to discuss university degree subjects at this stage as the wrong choice of IB Higher Level subjects or A Levels could prevent students from applying for certain degree subjects. We also make recommendations about which GCSEs should be studied in relation to A Level choices and university entrance. To gain up to date information about each school, we read Inspection Reports and league table listings. We check exam results by subject so we are aware of the relative subject strengths within the school. We also are interested in each school’s university destinations lists to see how many students achieve places at the world’s leading universities.


The entry points into UK boarding schools are normally at age 11+, 13+ and 16+ but schools consider students at other ages. Students are normally required to take entrance tests and attend an interview. The level of competition for places in British boarding schools varies depending on how academically selective the school is, as well as its location and reputation. For students who may wish to do a pre-university one year in the UK, we are able to advise on tutorial colleges, both boarding and day.


The consultancy is able to advise and manage applications to independent London day schools. For parents living abroad we are able to manage the entire application process: we make recommendations in relation to the pupil’s academic ability, level of English (for international students) and preferred location. For those relocating to London, we are able to liaise with schools to find out where there may be spaces at short notice.